Monday, May 31, 2010

What can't you do with my panini?

Possible uses for my "panini" (baked last night):
  • Discus;
  • A poor man's plate set;
  • Trivets/hot plates;
  • Toy cymbals;
  • Over-sized postcards (want one?);
  • New rooves for all the homes of a fairy village;
  • Ice hockey pucks;
  • Digging scoops for beach-play;
  • Rusks for Shrek's offspring; and
  • Patches and plugs for the leaks in our roof.
Just call me, "The Talented Genius and Maker of Wondrous Multi-purpose Creations."

In case you missed it, not a possible use for my "panini":
  • Human food.

I saw these. I followed the recipe. I blame the yeast. Somehow it is all the yeast's fault.

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