Saturday, June 5, 2010

Belgiums and Broccoli

After finishing dinner...

Me: "There are treats."
Haki: "Oh?"
Me: "Yes. Treats." I lead him over to the cupboard, and pop off one of the cookie tin lids to reveal four Belgium Biscuits, and beam.
Haki: "Where are the other four?"
Me: "What?!"
Haki: "Where are the other four biscuits?"
Me: "They come in packs of four."
Haki: "No they don't."
Me: "Packs of six?"
Haki: Scoffing, " ate yours. Those are mine."
Me: "No, I had cookies for dessert last night. You had dessert at Eureka" [Haki dined out with work chums - a three course meal. I opted for toast since it was only me and Esky home.]
Haki: "So."
Me: "Well, where's my share of your dessert?" The tin has been closed, I start doing dishes.
Haki: "You weren't there."
Me: Calling out after Haki as he leaves the kitchen, "Exactly. The cookies were my consolation!"
Haki: "Those four are mine."
Me: "You can have two."
Haki: "Three." Talking from the bedroom as he changed into his PJs.
Me: "No."
Haki: "Yes! Have a sandwich...have a broccoli!"

That is not a typo. Those were his words; "a broccoli."

Also, I have to negotiate to split the remaining shares of cookies? What now? I don't think so. Who's with me? Absent husband, eating flash food out, no less, means wife eats treats. Am I right? Am I right? He's lucky I saved him any.

And yes, I have noticed many of the interactions between me and my husband (like this one and this one) seem to be related to treats...and us fighting over them like little children.
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