Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Books from my Childhood

This is one of the books from my childhood.
Can you imagine one or both of my parents eyeing its title up in a store, and thinking, "Just what we need"? Oh dear. Note: It now resides on Esky's bookshelf. I never cared to part with it.

In fact, I was quite determined to ensure I wasn't separated from this little pearler (with its highly instructive and direct message);

You'll find this same enscription in most of my childhood book covers.
I liked to name my books, very much. Little's changed, I realise.

But now and then...the enscription varies...such as in this book...

...wherein this is written:"Erika" was not my alter-ego or alias.
It's my sister's name.
And whether I "bought" this item in a childhood game of "Shops" or stole it outright has not been established.

In the cover of one of my young adult novels, there's even more than the usual branding...

This Post-it is a remnant from one of many, many "treasure hunts" I would set up for my sisters. Each number corresponds to a page within the book, and at each page there would be another sticky note - with two numbers - one for the line and one for the letter. Sometimes the treasure hunt's consistented solely of a message hidden in a book...othertimes the book was one stop in a larger hunt from place to place.

Oh, the games we played.

Some closing thoughts and questions:
  • Was the capital-letter-height of the "S" in my surname deliberate? I'd like to think so.
  • I got better on that second "g", didn't I?
  • Could that little heart after Erika's name be any more darling?
  • Which books have you held onto since you were small? (okay, young, because some of you are still tiny.../cough cough Erika, Abby, Mandy, Janssen!)
  • My keepsake collection also includes The Giving Tree, Madeline, There Are Rocks in my Socks said the Ox to the Fox, "Stand Back!" said the Elephant, "I'm Going to Sneeze!" and The Cat in the Hat.
  • Madeline freaked me out a little. You?
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