Thursday, June 3, 2010

Brown leaves and skateboarders tied up with string...

...these are a few of my favourite things:

I don't know what Esky's doing. But I like it, and declare it as a favourite thing.

We saw a skateboarder with a yellow string trailing behind him (from one of his his wheels). We followed the thin, unravelled cotton for at least 200 metres before it came to an end. Moo is crouching, pointing to its end while Roo voluntarily tangles himself up in it...because that's what you do when you find 200m of string trailing behind a skateboarder. I was hoping when we followed the string we'd find it led and connected to a blushing human with half a shirt on at the other end. Or a shortened sock...or something. Nope. Still a favourite.

This shot may or may not be staged blocking the entrance to the carpark.

Moo is pretty crazy about Super Flyers (collectable little discs featuring NZ rugby players which can be found in cereal boxes). I know, because he regularly asks me if I have been eating my Weet-bix, and whether I'd like to try Honey Puffs; "You'd really like them, you should buy the large box." I believe he means the box that has not one, but two Super Flyers inside. Moo stopped counting his little stack of Flyers aloud, and so I looked to see what had interrupted the ritual. I saw Moo crouching over a wooden dollhouse in the library, and so went closer to see what had him so absorbed. He had arranged them upon the little wooden lounge suite like so...

I believe they are his friends.
If you happen to inhabit a Flyers-disinterested home and don't know what to do with an excess of flat, envelope-ready little collectables, feel free to post 'em my way. I know a little man's day you'd make.
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