Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Costumes, Cleaning, Clinging and a Car

Some moments that made me smile...
  • When Roo stopped talking, mid-story, then swinging his arms at right-angles like a 50s dance-move, announced, "I've got to make like Beethoven and take care of a movement!" He dashed for the toilet.
  • While shopping for their mum's birthday, the trio enjoyed trying on a few things...
  • Esky did not.
  • Back at their place, Roo proudly explained he was going to take care of all of the dishes we dirtied - that "dishes" was his chore. This is a clean knife, according to Roo.
A non-smiling moment...
While parked outside the kiddilicks school, I have twice pulled up behind a family-mover bearing a very interesting sticker. By "interesting," I mean crude and 100% inappropriate. Click to enlarge, if you dare. I'm a little bit squeamish over the fact that this person is also picking up school-aged children. If you have this sticker, I still don't think it's cool. You may be cool, but that sticker is just plain not cool.
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