Friday, June 11, 2010

Eight Follow-ups at 8:00

  1. We got a call about the holes in our roof on Tuesday! Progress! A date was scheduled for roofers to come out. I scrapped my plans in town and waited for four hours at home for their arrival. They didn't show.
  2. The second day the roofers were meant to come to see the holes in our roof they were late, and so I reluctantly left a key with them, as I had to go see someone about the hole in my tooth, and it was the only time I could go.
  3. No needles were required in the making of my new, temporary filling. I clapped.
  4. I planned my own pick-me-ups for "dentist day" to ensure I had things to focus on while in the chair. These included a second-hand shop visit (photos here and here) and ordering my favourite gourmet pizza for dinner (chicken, cashews, pineapple, apricot sauce, onions and herbs - I know many of you are opposed to such things on pizza, but I'm telling you, it is glorious).
  5. I didn't plan the other pick-me up that happened on dentist day - I drove by a trailer with a "free firewood" sign (builders wanting to save themselves a trip to the tip with waste wood). I latched the trailer on and brought it home. We'd been comparing prices on firewood all of last week. Dentist day was rockin'.
  6. When I returned home I was a little confused and "icky-feeling" upon finding the baby latch on the fridge broken. It hadn't been broken when I left that morning. This led me to the next logical question...what were the roofers doing in my fridge? Was butter required for their repairs? And my butter, no less? /scratching head. (as a side note - we didn't put the latch on, it was on there when we were given the fridge...)
  7. There was no note and there was no phone message giving us the "all clear", so I was not excited about hauling our mattress and bedding back into the danger-zone (I'm humming Top Gun themes now, what have I done!?), if the work was not complete. I made a few calls, and learned nothing. So we camped out again, it having been almost 3 weeks since the first wet bed incident.
  8. Today, after making more calls, I learned no work had been done, as the roof has reached "saturation point" and requires 4-5 weeks of work (work which is only possible in "good weather"). "You might as well leave it until spring," the roofer-man on the phone said. I offered a disbelief-laugh in reply. And then a, "You're joking" silence. On Haki's counsel, we're staying in the living room for the weekend, and asking the roofers Monday (when they attempt to initiate this 4-5 week-long job), if there are temporary remedies that will allow us to return to our room...and if not, we're going to do our very best to negotiate reduced rent while we live in The Lighthouse, one bedroom down (I pray our home is not in need of a new nick!).
And that is the update. /sigh
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