Thursday, June 10, 2010

Introducing: Favicon Freebie for a Follower

Firstly, for those asking, "What the heck is a favicon?"

Short for "Favourites Icon," a favicon is the little picture displayed next to a site's URL and next to the site's title on the browser window/tab (in most browsers). Here's where to look for Striking Keys' current favicon, for example:

...where you'll see this:
When I originally posted this I was about to change, and so the comments included suggestions of what my new favicon should be. I settled on the keys.

It may be said, "Fave-eye-con," for all I know, but I prefer to call it a "fahv-i-con" so that the little what's-it sounds like "decepticon" - for all the obvious appeal.

Why I'm yabbering on about such geeky things

I've decided now and then I'm going to give away one of these little favicons (custom-made, with installation instructions) to one of my followers...because following Striking Keys is all about perks, after all.
  • You do not need to comment on this post to be eligible.
  • You do not have to tweet about it.
  • You do not have to FB, post, or even care about it.
  • If you're already reading this, you're probably on my short-list...
  • ...because this is not a bribe, it's a thank-you.
  • I will select a regular reader from the "Followers" list or from post comments.
  • I will not be using Random-org, because like I said, this isn't a competition, it's a series of thank-yous, and also
  •'s not fair.
  • The reader gifted the favicon is in no way bound to use it. In fact, you may reply, "Ah, thanks, but no thanks, I'll keep my generic Blogger icon," to which I will ensure my rejection-sobs are silent.
  • Comments are still welcome on this post - I'm interested in your thoughts on the "project" (now doesn't that sound fancy), and tolerate begging...because it helps me believe all this might actually be wanted.
  • If it's alright with you, I'd still like to call the recipient a "winner" (even though I've explicitly stated this is not a competition), because this also supports the idea that being chosen is a good thing; "You're a winner to be chosen to have a free what'sit-con!"
The first winner (snazzy, right?) will be announced tomorrow...because tomorrow's Friday, and I'm interested to see if adding one more (non-offensive) F-word to this alliteration-bent I've got going will make the world implode.

And yes, I do have a non-blog-related give-away idea if a favicon is useless to you (because you do not blog yourself, or you use Wordpress and can't edit your code), you can still feel perkified.
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