Monday, June 7, 2010

Five Bullets at 5:00

  • I'm done milking you all for affirmation, just now. Thanks! (I'm shameless. Shameless!)
  • Sometimes typos are funnier than the text would have been without the a "for sale" listing I saw for a baby cot that "coverts to a day bed" - an infant crib with secret spy-transforming ability trumps the average convertable cot.
  • Speaking of things covert in nature, whilst quietly inhaling a handful of chocolate chips Friday night (in need of a sweet-fix), I bit down on a disturbingly hard chip. Not a chip, as it turns out...but one of my two longer attached to my tooth. Now I have a little hollow, sensitive spot to avoid while chewing. The bigger bummer? I have to go back there. To the place we don't speak of. Okay, we speak of it, but I'd rather not pre-visit, only afterwards, when it's over.
  • I wouldn't have picked chocolate chips for filling...defilling. A toffee apple, yes. Taffy...freshly-popped gum...a multitude of sticky indulgences before chocolate chips.
  • Our mattress is still in the living room. At what point does one play hard-ball with their property manager? /scratching head
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