Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Flash Face - Online Gadget

I've been meaning to review this little online beauty for a while.

Flash Face is your own, private face sketch artist - something I've always wanted.

With the help of such, I produced this:

...a rendering of my sister's face. Well, at least I think so. Haki says it looks nothing like Mariah. I'll let you be the judge. That is, those of you who care.

Back to the many uses of such an online tool:
  • In the classroom - creating sketches to accompany fictional character stories, or for students creating a "self-portrait" for the obligatory introductory wall displays at the beginning of the year;
  • As an aid in producing "Wanted" posters for practical jokes, "Missing You" greeting cards, and revenge pranks;
  • Using it to illustrate what you imagined a character from a novel looks like (i.e. "Well actually, I thought Bella would look more like this...'click click click'") - yes, I am that geeky;
  • Giving a face to that "Mr/Miss Right" of your dreams. This could be used in conjunction with bullet 2 (make a "Wanted" poster). Only put the posters up in places where you'd like to find your Mr/Miss Right of course - libraries, church, you know, those sorts of places.
  • Entertaining notions of how you'd look with a smaller nose / bigger eyes / more delicate chin. It's cheaper than cosmetic surgery.
  • Staging look-alike competitions - having multiple people create their best effort look-alike sketch of the same person (a mutual acquaintance or someone famous), and award prizes for the best likeness. There's lots of potential for a tournament here.
  • With a little bit of copying and pasting (on the computer...or with scissors and tape), a lonely soul might mock-up a fair, hand-drawn family portrait for display.
  • Three words amigos and amigas; Facebook profile picture.
Far from a time-waster.
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