Saturday, June 26, 2010

Flashcards Follow-up

I loved all of your comments on the Formica Flashcards post!
  • I had considered adding text to the cards - but have left it off - since for my particular kidlet just now, recognition and encouragement to say the colour is my main focus - she's got a lot of books that do other jobs, these are like the test - I can flip through them with her and check her skills. When she's a little older I may add text to the front...or the back of the cards (ooooooo!)
  • I love the idea of creating a a matching/memory game...very much. I think I may be hangin' out in that section again soon...destroying their market research stats.
  • I definitely want to add any new colours I find. I can just picture a little human pointing at a card and calling out, "SAWILLIAN!"
  • I failed to mention the second set of "interesting patterns" that I also made;
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