Thursday, June 17, 2010

Mini Movie Reviews: Bulk Hit No 18

Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time
In stills, Jake Gyllenhaal might pass as an action hero, but moving, on-screen, amicably grinning with those doe-eyes of his - not so much. I spent the first quarter of the film doing my darndest to convince myself this prince of Persia was capable of this old school (video game-inspired) display of free-running and obvious warring prowess. Because I had very low expectations, I didn't feel my time was wasted. Haki did not enter the theatre so prepared, and consequently left let-down. We also have differing opinions on Gemma Arterton's hotness (Tamina in this, and Io in Clash of the Titans). I think she's a fox. In sum - disjointed and un-Disney, but doable.

Letters to Juliet
I went and saw this with the darling Bee. This film is of the parmesan variety; good now and then, not as delicate as some of its cousins (brie or camembert), but obviously and undeniably cheese. Smelly cheese. Up until the final chapter of the story, I wanted to believe and forgive all of the over-the-topness. But there came a time that it was simply too much. Pros: moments of snarkiness, the older actors' grace and presence, the clean and wholesomeness of it...oh, and the scenery. Cons: Parmesan. Parmesan. Parmesan.

The Fourth Kind
I am still confused how something could give me the heebee jeebies and be ridiculous at the same time. If you like to be scared, read nothing about this film and just rent it. Even then though, maybe not. If you've seen this already, please tell me...I want to discuss it, desperately.

This is the one I told y'all I watched while Haki was away. Received in a parcel full of sweet things, I'm glad I've seen this little wonder. I hate to say it; I didn't enjoy Debra Winger's acting. But that is the only thing I didn't like about this film. Anthony Hopkins, you are a genius. Care about the characters - check. Promote interest in real-world history - check. Be tasteful - check. Winner. And I'm with Rachel, that scene is unforgettable.

Everybody's Fine
Surprisingly interesting. Robert DeNiro swears unnecessarily a few times (for those who care), but he was as watch-worthy as ever. If you go in without expecting much comedy, but rather a fair attempt at a thoughtful message, you might enjoy it too.

Roman Holiday
There are so many modern adaptations of this story, I cannot count. I pretty much always have time for Audrey...but it was Gregory Peck whom I found captivating in this black and white classic. Genuinely funny, sweet, and free from vulgarity.
Serious Moonlight
Loved Meg Ryan's performance. Liked that this is different. But can't be too amazing if the best thing I took from it was this screenshot of their bathroom. I'd like a bathroom like that. I'll take the whole set-house as a package deal, if you're offering. Worst thing about this movie: the male lead and supporting actor are a pair of potty-mouths.

Lemony Snicket's A Series of Unfortunate Events
I've seen this before. Many, many times. We own it, I've used segments in my teaching, and Haki quotes lines from it periodically. I just want to throw one of our old faves into the mix now and then to document them. We continue to favour the sumptuous scenes, stirring soundtrack and comical cleverness of this film. I know, I overdid the alliteration, but it's okay if it's in keeping with the film I'm writing on, surely. Surely?

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