Saturday, June 12, 2010

My Travelling Salesman

This past week, Haki was away on business. He was selling aerial photographs with two other chaps. (The ones he normally edits and prints.)
  • The night before Haki was to depart, I baked a batch of cookies for the road (25, in all) - because, to my mind, it seemed the thing to do when one's husband is going away. I thought, "He can snack on them on the drive, share them with the other sellers, and have them as a ready-made treat in the motel room."
  • Number of cookies that made it into the box of groceries for the trip: Three.
  • I put the cell on speaker-phone each night when I spoke with my love. Esky waved at the phone each time Haki called out, "Hello, baby!" (in the voice he reserves only for her).
  • I think we also talked at least 3 times during the day, each day.
  • I took to wearing Haki's jerseys at night.
  • You may have gathered, I missed the man terribly...and am in awe of people who routinely do stretches apart from their spouse.
  • Now I'm thinking about how I'm in even more awe of people who feel like their life is one big stretch apart from a spouse.
  • Conclusion: I'm one fortunate lady.
  • There were a heck of a lot less socks to pick up this week.
  • All treats consumed were divvied up with ease. Especially considering Esky doesn't yet know the difference between cinnamon-sugar toast, and plain toast.
  • I got to meet one of the lovely men that works at the tractor-place across the road when I couldn't lift the trailer of free firewood off of the tow-bar. That wouldn't have happened if Haki had been home.
  • I watched a DVD a lovely, lovely reader sent me in an incredible parcel full of amazing-cuteness...a DVD that Haki referred to as, "That old movie...with Jack Nicholas" - by "old" I believe he means 1993, or perhaps he is referencing its 50-60s setting? And by "Jack Nicholas" I'd venture he means, "Jack Nicholson" and by that I'm guessing he means "Anthony Hopkins." Based on his care for the finer details, I thought I'd save this one for his time away. (Review here.)
Esky investigates said parcel:
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