Friday, June 18, 2010

Project: Tree Transfer - Fail

  1. Find a spot of wall you want to work with. Eye it up with a raised brow of creativity and pouted lips of projectness.
  2. Deliberate over how to fill the space. For months.
  3. Decide an Esky-height home-made tree wall transfer is how. A white one.
  4. Cut tree out of transfer paper gifted from dear sister.
  5. Wipe down wall for which the transfer is destined. Not too much, because that would be good preparation and ensure success.
  6. Do not test a small amount of transfer paper on the wall surface to test its stickability on the old wallpaper, that would ruin the surprise.
  7. Slap the transfer up on the wall. Well, take slightly more care than "slapping" suggests, but not too much more. Use the rice spatula to rub it on.
  8. Cut out many, many leaves and arrange around the tree transfer's branches.
  9. Ignore the tell-tale signs of impending doom.
  10. Stay in denial. Take an "After" project shot with the babe smiling. Everything is going to be okay.
  11. Lay all of the non-adhesive leaves below the transfer tree (the parts the sticky leaves were pulled off of).
  12. Encourage Esky to play in them and tell yourself that cutting out all of those leaves was worth it because she got to play with fake leaves under a fake tree in the living room on a rainy day.
  13. Don't take it personally when your daughter grows tired of the fake leaves.
  14. Clean up the fake leaves and restore the lounge to its usual configuration.
  15. Stare at the transfer a while. Ask yourself if you can live with the semi-peeling tree transfer and regularly re-rubbing its stubborn peely-branches and replacing fallen leaves.
  16. Answer honestly.
  17. Remove the tree transfer...or let it die a slow natural death. Currently doing the latter...until it's just too ugly and the former must be done.
One day, I'll get an evergreen.

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