Monday, July 12, 2010

Cake Stand Mania

I've talked about these before - these glorious creatable serveware dreams - but it's come time to revisit the blessed cake stand. Until I see the earth flooded with them, I will not be satisifed. That, and two handfuls of you have been asking me, "What's this cake stand business?"

So this post is my answer to that question. Well, my initial answer is, "Where have you been!?" and then, the rest of this post.

Firstly, you can always buy yourself a perrrty cake stand, sure.

A - You'll find this little number on Etsy. It's charm-central. Also, it's sold. What it would have cost you: USD$78.00, plus shipping to NZ: USD$38.00 more. That's roughly NZD$155.00 to get this treasure under your cake...oh, and a miracle - because it's not for sale.

B - What about this striking Vintage Hobnail? Mmm...eye candy. Another Etsy offering, this time it'll sting you USD$59 + 23.

C - Want something from our own shores? Fair enough! The Homestore stocks this beauty for $55.00. But unless you live in Auckland, you can't swing by The slap on some freight. If you live in the South Island, like me, that's an added $12.50, taking us to the sum of $67.50. Plus, you're not even buying handmade.

D - So let us return to Etsy - surely there's a more reasonably-priced, handmade alternative. Why, yes there is. This colourful glass design is only USD$30.00. Small problem, this particular designer won't ship outside the U.S. Now is when you let out a loud "humph" and slump onto your keyboard.

Now I can't lie. You can buy a cake stand. If you really insist on ignoring my call to creative arms, the best buy I've found is at Living & Giving;

...which has stores in more locations than the likes of The Homestore or Total Food Equipment, and prettier stock at present than Spotlight.

This best buy will cost you $19.99 for a 23cm diameter top-plate (25cm = $29.99; 30cm = $39.99).

So there, that's being honest. But let's get to the rub. Because there's an alternative.

Those are two I've made. It cost my about 6 bucks for the first. With new materials. Not bad, huh? The second was $1.50. Even better, I've made about 12 of these now, and all up, I've spent around $20. The cheapest stand I've made yet I only had to pay for the glue (epoxy), as I picked up the stand and plate from a "free" trolley outside a Salvation Army store.

Let's break it down;
Plus, you can mix things up and make something uniquely you.

All you'll need, is your two partner pieces in crime and some epoxy (one pack can do up to 10 stands - so you could have a cake stand-making party!), and a good tutorial.

Behold, these DIY cakestands:

There are plenty more examples of DIY cake stands, like here and here.

Want to join me in my cake stand-making frenzy? (it comes and goes in bursts)

Then check out these how-tos for (smart) cake stand-makers...

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