Thursday, July 29, 2010

Captcha Balderdash

I often snicker to myself when the word verification appears for my completion. I snicker at my own jokes (shared internally). I know it makes me weak. And lame. But I'm also strong, because I resist the urge to share my private captcha joke in the comment box I've just filled. I may want to, now and then, but I know it's irrelevant.

Well today, folks, it is not irrelevant, because the title of this post is "Translating Captcha," and therefore, I am doing my duty. How fortuitous to have such an opportunity. It must be fate.

This is how it's going to go down....
then the thought that entered my head and caused me to snicker.

No thanks. Oh, you're not talking about yucky fluid produced during an infection being baked in're metaphorically talking about a growth on your back? Or are kittens involved? No matter what your angle, I still decline.

Sounds like an excellent name for a villian in Alias, no?

"Soony I will go to bed" (snicker snicker...) Gosh, it must be late.

The interwebs are breaking into street-speak. Help. Do I answer? Do a secret handshake? Throw some hand signs? What does one doooooo?

An adjective to describe people like this.

One of Gollum's units of measurement for time.

It's about time we got these two together.

Again, with the street speak...sounds to me like the code of conduct for the wearers of the oversized sparkley trinkets.
The disappointing arrival of a woman's monthly "visitor" when the woman hoped she was wasn't coming. Said "visitor" is late without explanation, other than the purpose of getting the hostess' hopes up. Ovulag's a drag.

Feel free to comment with the captchas that have made you laugh, cringe, or cry, "What a coincidence!" Further, feel authorised to quote the word verification images that appear when you comment on this post. Captcha-lovers, your time is now.

P.S. What we make of the captchas we see is sort of like a Rorschach test, don't you think? I think it reveals a lot of who we are and what's going on with us. This means that if people on the island in Lost had to complete captcha, they'd probably think everything they read was food, a dead person, or a monster. "Puspie?" Mmm-mmm, finger-lickin' good; "Olvanco?" I thought he was in the tail section; and the "Soonyi" will get you if you're not very quiet or good at hiding inside magical corals of vines that are spaced 100 metres apart in the jungle.

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