Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Childhood Treasures: Part 1

When I last visited my parents' house, I sifted through seven or eight boxes of paraphernalia from my time living there - doing my darnedest to reduce the amount of "keepsakes" to store.

Amongst all of the things I'd deemed keepable once, I found a small, red satin drawstring bag. I knew as soon as I picked it up from the box that its contents would be extra special - small, red satin drawstring bags scream "special."

The contents:
  1. A miniature aluminium bar;
  2. A pair of agate stones; and
  3. A few budgie feathers.
/cue blank faces (please?)

Back stories:
  1. The aluminium bar was the freebie souvenier we received on a tour of an aluminium smelter. No, not as a class...as a family. When my family troupe was travelling in the deep south, my dad felt it imperative we understand the factory processes relating to the world's most abundant metal, and got us booked in. I recall the entire tour it was a running gag to staff present that my ex-pat father was saying "ah-loo-mah-nim" no matter how many times they said, "Yes, "al-ah-min-ee-um is..." I guess I kept the bar in case there would be a pop quiz a decade on. Props rule.
  2. The stones represent my skills, and again, respect for the memory of my father's proposed "family activities"; while visiting a beach in Canterbury, Dad found and presented a small piece of quartz, then challenged all kidlets present to find some more. Dad was fairly chuffed with himself. I scoured that beach. I'd like to think I kept my favourites, not my total take on the day...(as I cannot remember how I fared).
  3. The feathers were once Lumiere's. Lumiere was my first budgie. His life was fairly short. I buried him in a shoebox with a good-bye note on a rural road connecting our current home with the place we were soon moving to - I wanted to still be able to visit his grave, and knew I really shouldn't enter our next property to do the deed. (Lumiere was yellow, and named after my favourite character in the animated Beauty and the Beast.) Man, I begged my mother for that budgie. I now have zero interest in keeping a bird.
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