Thursday, July 22, 2010

Eight Fragments at 8:00

  1. Until we married, Haki had never tried avocado, and I hadn't sampled eggplant or brussel sprouts - not ah-once. We were both affected by our mothers' distaste/disinterest in these items making the menu growing up.
  2. Part of being on tank water (and of being a good human generally, surely) is conserving water when possible. Of all of the measures I take to do so, I delight most in using the water from the dehumidifier to kick-start the washing machine's progress as it fills. I hum as I pour it in.
  3. I prefer an email to a phone call from people that are close by, and a phone call to an email from people that are far away. Backwards? Maybe.
  4. I think that fabric tubes (sold as boob/tummy tubes or Bella Bands), are miraculous; for covering an open fly in a pair of jeans during pregnancy, for wearing under one's top to cover the tum when breastfeeding, and for concealing "look at me" cleavage without bulking up with a whole other layer. They're grand.
  5. I try not to grind my teeth when I hear a speaker swap their "I" and other person/s around, seeming unsure which order is correct. It seems many-a-human believes "Soandso and I" is always right. If you're one of the ones that is confused, I can tell you now, this is not so. "It meant a lot to Henry and I" = wrong. "It meant a lot to me and Henry" = ding ding ding! You win! Yes, your mother/father/nana may have corrected you with, "My friends and I" many a time - but that doesn't mean it's always right. The test; drop off the company (in this case, Henry), and the sentence should still make sense! (I.e. "It meant a lot to I" = babow, whereas, "It meant a lot to me." = awesome-sors.) Haki and I both listen for this confusion. (Test the sentence by dropping off the other person/s, yes, "I listen for this confusion" still works! GET IT?) /exhale
  6. We're watching Lost from the beginning right now (on DVD...very slowly). Haki originally started watching it with me...but quit after the second season, exasperated with unansweredness. I went it alone thereafter. That was, until now - when the man says, "Now that it has an end, and things are going to get some closure, I think we should start over." Now he'll watch it. And I will too...because he's there. And it's Lost. (Shh, I haven't seen the final season - as Haki's "announcement" he was willing to watch again came when it was I am waiting to watch it with him.)
  7. Kate is hot.
  8. So hot, that apparently I got flustered just typing that...because I originally published this post with seven fragments. Oh, stop it, Kate!
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