Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Five Items at 5:00

  1. One of the many winner gifts we received at Christmas was some homemade wheat bags...well, rice bags. We use these So, dear sewing peop's, know this - you wield the power to create an uber-useful winter gift for next to nothin'.
  2. Haki offered to go and pick up my favourite pizza for me Saturday night (I'm sick; this is an example of Haki's nurse-chilvary). He asked me to place the order over the phone, from home. So I did...under the name "Handsome." I'm only sorry I wasn't there to see him blushing when he collected it.
  3. I would like to live in Matt Parkman's apartment (of the final season)...sans Matt Parkman and family...and its location. I mean, have you seen that place?
  4. You would not believe how long I spent on choosing a new favicon for myself. Well, maybe you would. Like it. Or else.
  5. After 6 weeks of lounge-camping, our bed and bedding have returned to our bedroom. In this time roofers have sprayed the moss growing on the roof tiles, waterblasted off the moss and other debris, coated the roof in a seal/sludge, and notified us the work is done...but that they cannot 100% guarantee watertightness until another "big rain" and a roof cavity inspection thereafter. I emptied the buckets dotting the room in question before we went away, and upon return found each we've moved back in, hopeful we can stay. It's good to see the living room floor again, and be able to say, "I'm going to bed" again. /sigh
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