Monday, July 19, 2010

Five Notes at 5:00

  1. I had left-over carrot cake for breakfast today. Spread the word. I'm scandalous.
  2. I authoratively point at the light fixture and obscure my other hand from Esky's view when I switch on the lights in an effort to convince her I have powers. Timing is imperative.
  3. Yesterday, during sacrament meeting, I watched my husband thread a green, wooden worm through the holes of a wooden apple, transfixed. I had to ask myself whom I bring the toys for.
  4. Minutes later, when I watched said husband don a pig finger-puppet and quietly "roar" in Esky's direction, while a blasé Esky continued turning the pages of her board book, I had my answer.
  5. No matter how convincing you may find Haki's argument, I submit that pigs do not "roar". Even "angry pigs". /shaking head
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