Friday, July 9, 2010

Friday's Favicon Freebie for a Follower - Winner 5

This week's winner is...

  • Y'all thought I forgot? No-ho-oh! I've been away for the past week and a half in Christchurch! I almost missed getting this out Friday altogether, but I'll sneak this in. And it's still legit, because a) it's not quite Saturday yet, and b) it's still Friday for this week's winner (in the U.S.). Yussss.
  • I only managed to set future posts for the first week...when we extended our stay it left a few days straight with nada. Comments relating to how this saddened you are welcome.
  • This week's winner is going to have a baby any day now. I completely expect her to install the code, even if she goes into labour with the thrill of learning she has won. Because it could happen.

Check back next week - the next winner could be you!
(Well, if you speak up now and then, that is.)
Unsure what this is all about? Read more here.

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