Monday, July 19, 2010

Mini Movie Reviews: Bulk Hit No 19

I know this film lacks so much. I know it's over-inflated with talk-talk-talk. I feel the sexual tension, I do. But I still like it. I'm a sucker for the franchise...sorry. I'm not about to go collecting merchandise for shrine construction, and I can't say I've ever felt anything stirring within me at the sight of the adolescent stars (except perhaps irritation, at times, for Miss Stewart), but I was excited to see it, and I was glad I did. P.S. I am on Team Jasper.

The A Team
The 80s series was brain junk food, at best; the original Mr T was the main attraction, was he not? To create a tribute without him (he refused to do a cameo even) seems to make the franchise and concept a little redundant to me. For the action genre however, this isn't so bad. It's action. Ta-dah! Plus, Liam Neeson proves he's not too old to play Hannibal. Fine fodder for a no-thinking-required evening in the company of a human (in my case a 'fella') craving explosions and whatnot.

The Knowing
Going into any Nicholas Cage film, I'm ready for the worst. I'm ready for his melting face and melting words to drip off the screen and slide onto the floor and cause me to feel the soggy floor is now failing to support the movie playing, and me watching it. Because I was prepared for Knowing to produce this sensation, the movie didn't seem half-bad. Only a third-bad. I think Alex Proyas saved that fraction. Also, my love for stories in this vein. Otherwise, it's yet another case of trying to ignore the melting away unbelievableness of the Cage. And in this case, the serious Cage. (Dear Reader, you are most welcome to feel completely differently about him, I get that he doesn't melt for everybody. Feel free to defend the man's honour, but please, do not be disheartened if I am not converted.)

Fantastic Mr Fox
I want to watch this again; I want to pick up on the things I missed the first time around. I heartily recommend it to anyone who likes dry, quick wit and/or George Clooney...and of course anyone who enjoyed the original Dahl tale. I loved the choice to replace all profanity in the script (and on the screen) with the word "cuss". Genius. Also, I delight in stop animation. I'm taken aback that I am so impressed with a Wes Anderson film.

Percy Jackson & The Olympians: The Lightning Thief
On the one hand, I'm a big supporter of anything that gets youth reading (okay, not anything...obviously.../blush), and so props to the author of the book from which this film is adapted. On the other hand, I'm a little saddened when classics are watered down and cheapened; Uma Thurman - I'm talking to you. This screenplay had potential, but for me, the film has too many moments that are laughable. At its end, I didn't feel my time had been wholly wasted...but I was disappointed to greet the realisation that for many youngsters, seeing this movie is as acquainted as they will ever be with Greek mythology and epic poetry. It's a tricky tightrope, is all I'm saying...getting that demographic engaged without fixing something that ain't broken...

The American President
I'd somehow missed this title all this time. I don't fancy it, but I was interested (mostly in what it led me to think about). I can say I'm glad Robert Redford fell out with Reiner...because I liked Michael Douglas in this role. And that is pretty much the sum of my thoughts after seeing it; "Well there you go, Douglas did have his dapper days", and "Yes, it would be hard to be a widower President." Oh, and it was nice to see Michael J. Fox in one of his last hoorahs before the battle with the shakes became too much. Bless him.

The Princess and the Frog
I loved the audio chemistry of the voices in this film's ensemble, and it was wonderful to see animation reminiscent of my childhood. But boy, that Shadow Man was one freaky piece of work! I know now, had I been a youngster watching that screen, this film would hastily be added to my list of "Kids'" movies that gave me the heebie jeebies. P.S. I heart hard-working female protagonists (more than damsels in distress).
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