Thursday, July 1, 2010

One's Own Image

You say "Aisle 16," I say, "Esky heaven;"

I also seized this opportunity to share two of my latest op shop finds with you - purchased "Dentist Day" as pick-me-ups, the cardy and jeans were both $4.50.

The photo doesn't show much, does it? Hey, at least it's better than this one:
That was my first attempt to share (/cough boast) my latest steals. So yes, the mirrors were an opportunity.

You see, I lack a resident willing photo-taker. Okay, that's not entirely accurate...a resident willing photo-taker that is interested in taking photos of something other than this:Esky's more than willing.

(Haki takes one photo of me, and I can have my eyes closed, have parsley in my teeth AND have a double chin
goin' on and he'll say, "That's good," and hand the camera back.)

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