Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Vintage Baby Goodness

My Saturday Sallies' finds were pale and poor compared to the contents of my mailbox on the same day. I got a parcel! A parcel from Megan, of Mousehouse.

Let's skip back a-ways.

April: I won a darling parcel of Megan's handmade goodies.
June: I signed up for Stella's Vintage Baby [Item] Swap. I added the square parentheses, because without them, you all might become a bit dubious as to what sort of things I'm into.

Now, back to the present, July...
  • I learn my Vintage Baby Item swap-partner will be none other than Megan. I laugh maniacally; an opportunity has presented itself for me to "give back" after having been on the receiving end of a one-way mail-out.
  • I put together a parcel of vintage goodies and hope it is good enough to serve as both swap and thank-you.
  • I send it.
  • Megan gets it. You can see what I sent her, here.
  • Then Megan's parcel arrives. Thwarted. My plans for evening the score, that is. /shaking head in disgust. Megan, as always, has outdone herself.
  1. Handmade Mousehouse cards and tags.
  2. A brown paper package of vintage books! Three Little Golden Books and one Dick Bruna beauty, to be exact! (I love Dick Bruna.)
  3. A Buzzy Bee softie! It has a pull string that activaties its buzzingness. So. great.
  4. A parcel within a parcel! This little packet contained a NZ native wooden letter opener, a styley designer cardboard hedgehog, cutie pie sticker sheets, and a comical mini-book!
  5. Made from a vintage sheet, this waterproof little Mousehouse number is already full of Esky's toiletries.
  6. A knitted finger puppet for our collection.
  7. A super rattle - which replaces a favourite, precious one we lost some time ago!
  8. A very sweet stripey hat.
  9. Adorab' key-ring.
More on 8:
Well, a little 8 and a whole lotta Esky. I think an Esky update must be in order soon.

In conclusion:
Dirty Megan. Well...talented, crafty, and possesor of impeccable taste, Megan. But also, very, very dirty. Tsk tsk.
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