Saturday, July 10, 2010

A Working Holiday: Chacha

We returned late last night from a trip to Christchurch.

We were lucky enough to do the business and pleasure combo this trip, as Haki was selling Ashburton and Geraldine-ways while Esky and I spent time with my brother and his family, as well as my parents, who also flew down for the magic. Haki managed to squeeze in some fun too, of course. Boy do I love family time.

  • Sleeping in a real bed. We stayed at a Holiday Park a few blocks from my brother's...and it was awesome. They gladly would have accommodated us, but because Haki was on business, we were able to enjoy our own space, sleep-ins, and not compete for shower time and bedroom in an already crowded home.
  • The discovery of the Sweet Chilli Kransky. Hole-ey. These were my lunch pretty much every day, bought directly from the Verkerk's factory. They were also breakfast today.
  • Reflecting on the packed shoes count; Me = 2, Haki = 3, Esky = 6.
  • Op shoportunities (photos of finds here).
  • Seeing Esky play with four of her little cousins - sharing crackers, drawing with washable markers, and applauding the eldest two as they jumped and jumped on...
  • The Holiday Park's giant jumping pillow. It deserves a bullet of its own.
  • Playing with my nieces and nephews - building fort after fort and "skateparks" from DVDs, playing Candyland, and Hide'n'Seek.
  • Watching Esky clutch her knit-elephant, Lily...and eventually let her go once she felt safe.
  • Taking Esky for her first real swim in the Holiday Park pool. Sadly, Haki was at there are no photos.
  • Talking with my sister-in-law. She's more than just hot.
  • Witnessing my nephew's baptism, and a host of other sweet and sacred moments.
  • Winning a late night game of Acquire. Not winning all the other games we played was also fun.
  • Singing to Esky with half a voice (it's croaky from a cold we all got while up there) on the return drive. She's awfully fond of a Tagalog song Haki taught me (which he learned on his mission). I've made up actions. They are glorious.
  • Stopping in to see Tray and Rache (and kin) in Timaru.
  • Ninja (our cat) jumping into Thimba (our car) through Haki's side as soon as he opened his door upon our return. He missed us. Aw.
  • Flicking the light-switch in the Coney Country Kitchen. It may have been like a vege crisper in there, but the sight was warm and fuzzy.
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