Sunday, August 22, 2010

Childhood Treasures: Part 2

Presenting, direct from my childhood time capsule to you...


Both show clear signs of having been loved...

...very much.

You may have noticed...I'm not the only one into comfort objects.

More details, for the avid readers:
  • Esky and Mimi have met, and it was love at first sight. I wish Mimi had taken a bath in the past 27 years, because that mothbally smell, and Esky spending time with someone so smelling is doing nothing for either of their reputations.
  • Mimi was named after my cousin, Mimi...whom, coincidently, I recently connected with on Facebook and asked, "So hey - is Mimi on here too?" to which Mary replied, "I'm Mimi!!!" Yes, she was the namesake for my pseudo-baby, but we were on a nicknames-only basis. Yes, this scenario does sound very familiar.
  • My blankie was necessary for my "tucking in" routine. I still remember draping it over my shoulders and crossing it over across my chest like a shawl before laying back to have the bed covers brought up over my essential first layer.
  • My blankie came on family trips. I still have one very clear memory (around age 5/6, perhaps) of clutching both of these items on such a trip. I had been permitted to sleep in the bed of the station wagon for some period of time (the thrill of it!), and I distinctly remember thinking, as I lay there, "It's dark, and I don't know where we are, or really where we're going, but I have you...and you...and so everything is okay."
  • This memory played a huge role in my line of thinking when I packed Lily for our trip to Christchurch.
  • Esky has two knitted elephants. Also, Lucy, the Peanuts collectable I thrifted. She is attached to all three of these dolls. But I confess, I favour Lily, and have helped her love for Lily along; "Are you going to bring Lily?" and "Where's Lily?" may have been uttered on occasion...
  • Upon reflection, it seems so poetic and rites-of-passage-like that I neatly placed these two items into the time capsule (created at least 15 years ago), and sealed it up; childhood items laid away as some testament to my maturity.
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