Monday, August 9, 2010

Eight Pieces of Evidence at 8:00

This post is about my latest examples of Compartmentalised Neurotic Perfectionism surfacing;
  1. When I first created a set of "theme headers" for posts (such as the image you see above), I methodically worked through my archives and applied them to applicable past posts too. In case. Stuff.
  2. When I realised my new jpg theme headers appeared to have some noise around the graphical details when a laptop screen is tipped and one looks very closely, I recreated identical png images for each header...and I am still working through replacing the substandard jpgs on all my archived, headered posts.
  3. I understand that clicking "Add Image" re-uploads a file every time, and so I copy and paste the code pointing to the already-uploaded, one-time-only image at the top of every post with a matching theme header. This is efficient. And saves bandwidth...and Picasa-space. I also know that the LinkWithin widget automatically collects the first image in a post once published and live (not scheduled), and deliberately publish many-a-post without the theme header to avoid it being used for LinkWithin, because it looks plain and ugly to have three suggested reads with identical thumbnails. I've messed this up a number of times, and it irks me.
  4. Often, when someone asks me a technical/computer-related question, I create the answer (usually in the form of a tutorial) in a pdf document and save it in a folder on my computer titled, "Computer How-to's" in case I am asked the same question again, and can email the existing document.
  5. I vacuum the wood cupboard.
  6. I save many of the files on my computer with the reverse of the day's date as a prefix. E.g. "100809 August Newsletter." This way all of the files within the folder (by default) will sort in the order they were created correctly. Without the prefix, the newsletters would sort Apr, Aug, Dec, Feb, Jan, Jul, Jun, Nov, Mar, May, Oct, Sep. Now who wants that? With the date in order the files would sort by the day of the month created, so you might have 23 Dec, 24 Jan, 25 Mar. /gag This is only one example of when I love this sorting system. It is also excellent and uberhelpful in my many, many photo albums of Esky. (With e-bills I do not save as the date opened, but the date due.) Ask me for a screen-shot of a folder, I dare you.
  7. I have created favicons for y'all for weeks and weeks to come, in advance. I'm talking double digits of already-made favicons, sitting in folders (beautifully organised folders, I might add). Don't worry, before sending, I check you haven't changed your get-up so much that the favicon I created no longer matches.
  8. Last week, I asked Haki (only because he's taller) to tape a bag over the mushroom that grew from our bedroom ceiling so that I could sleep without fear of what I call "The Spores."* Further, I was worried his tape-job was insufficient to protect us until The Fungi-man arrived. Did I mention Haki had a nightmare about said mushroom? That the fungi was a tentacle connected to a very large monster squatting in our roof? He did.
We shall the roofing folk are returning today about that leak. FernGully, monster or otherwise, please give us a verdict. And yes, I understand your queries of why we still live here. The easiest answer: I'm in love with this house and out-of-love with moving. Also, the pickings are slim right now!
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