Monday, August 2, 2010

Esky the Great Imitator

For those who care...
(a Mama-post)
  • Esky has taken to doing laps in the kitchen, greeting me upon the completion of each circuit. For some reason, this is one of the times that my heart pounds the hardest with the realisation that I'm really a mother now - there's my child; giggling, doing laps around my kitchen table. It's real.
  • Some other times, the giggling isn't real. She likes to join in with a fake laugh if she hears someone else laughing.
  • She has four molars.
  • Esky often carries her elephant, Lily, along with her. Sometimes George (Lily's husband) rests in her arms as well. If we sit to read a book, she props any knitted elephants present up on their bottoms to sit next to us. If an elephant should lose her/his balance and topple, Esky will correct her/his position before returning her attention to the book.
  • She can now do all of the actions in "Popcorn Popping."
  • She's rather fond of Beethoven, The Beach Boys, Coldplay, Jack Johnson, and any MOTAB number with a triangle/bell/chimes.
  • And boy, has she extended her dance-move repertoire. In addition to her "raising the roof," twist, and sway, there is now body rocking, twirling, and bobbing.
  • When she falls asleep on my lap or next to me (sometimes looking up at me, smiling), she habitually worms her hand in under the bottom hem of my shirt so that her palm can rest on my tummy. She's a skin-contact girl. In the early hours of the morning, when she rouses, she maneouvres out of the cot (next to our bed) so that she can get a palm on, and then drifts back off to sleep. Until about 9am (or 10). This arrangement works fine for me.
  • Her favourite gag is to swim and twist on the carpet. She works herself into hysterics as if she's saying, "Look at me! I'm laying down on the ground, even though we all know I can walk now - isn't this ridiculous?"
  • And walk she does. At increasing speed. And in any pair of shoes she finds. Trying on too-big kicks is another favourite Esky-joke.
  • She's become quite the helper - she takes damp clothes from the basket and hangs them on the bottom rung of the clothes horse, over and over, while I distribute incoming clothing from there. She also attempts to fold the dry clothes by clapping them between her hands and dropping them in the basket, and will wipe a surface with any found material. If this wasn't enough to warm my heart, she's also becoming very proficient at packing up and putting away. Bless.
  • She also likes to pretend to blow her nose on pretty much anything.
  • Much of the time, she babbles confidently, as though she's making sense. She has begun throwing in some new recognisable words; among them... "all gone," "more," "hi," "ba-bye," "bum," "papa," "bup bup" for "beep beep," "yum," "nomin," for "amen," "hot," and "eye." Light is "ite" and "drink" is "ick." ("Mama" is old news.)
  • I just love it when she leans in, lines her face up so that we have eye contact and a short space between us, and then seriously articulates some gobbledy gook; "Ah doo doo ma dug dug ey ey ma ma." She then leans back, satisifed, as though she has answered every question I ever had.
  • She probably has.
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