Saturday, August 14, 2010

Five Follow-ups at 5:00

  1. The roof-men came and reassessed our tiles early this week. They confirmed their seal was good...but that some cracking on the roof hipline was not (missed during first inspection...implying the 5-week-long "seal" project may have been overkill). Concrete patchwork commenced.
  2. We moved our mattress back to our bedroom this morning - the roof was patched this week, and no rain's made it into the buckets for a few days since.
  3. Our property management company wrote, "We will be installing a heat pump as soon as possible," and even though we know this means, "eventually," it's a victory.
  4. Haki isn't travelling for work anymore. He was home all this week. It was awesome.
  5. I got a parcel from a Friday's Freebie Favicon winner. For the record (other winners of week's past or week's to come), thank-you parcels are wholly unnecessary...but also tooooootally welcome. HOLY that was one fabulous parcel of goodies! Hahaha. Seriously, too kind. The whole point is that the FFF is a thank-you!
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