Thursday, August 26, 2010

Haki's Surprise 30th Birthday

Haki turned 30 on Tuesday.

He planned to do so quietly.

Sorry, hon'.

During our "birthday date," I led him down a questionable alley, under the ruse I wanted to "take a look" at this 60s and 70s theme place he used to frequent with clients in days gone by. /sigh. As I read that last sentence, I desperately want to leave it without clarification, but I must explain; Haki used to take clients with disabilities to dance here once a month when he worked for Idea Services (ihc).

Back to that alley, and the egging on.

Haki reluctantly followed.

"It'll be empty - it's a Tuesday. Just 'a look,' honey," I tugged on Haki's arm at the club's doors.

And this wasn't a complete lie...I mean, after all, based on research conducted earlier that very day, the club was empty on a Tuesday. This empty:

I guess a few hours passing changed a Haki-loving mob called the customary, "Surprise!" upon our arrival.

After hugs and well-wishes, the group dispersed to various areas of the venue to do whatever made them comfortable; dancing, eating, chatting by the fire, striking poses in the direction of any flash, and even folding out a chess board.

  • The walls were adorned with 100 polaroids of Haki's favourite picture of himself.
  • Why, yes, those are two very large custom-made banners (in the "before"/empty shot and suspended behind the dance floor). Haki working for a photography and printing company has its perks, to be sure.
  • Because the bulk of the guests don't drink, the night was short, sweet, clean, and scandal-free. I did feel sorry for the lass working that night, at first (as she was thumb-twiddling up a storm, with our lot), but she later told me it was a welcome change from cleaning up spew and taking loud orders over the bar. Fair comment.
  • Guests came wearing splashes of neon and bright colours;
  • Consequently, I ensured Haki donned a few accessories - just so he'd fit in.
In addition to the lovely folk who came out on a school-night (which meant getting babysitters for the majority of the attendees), Haki also received some birthday-love from afar;

(these were also up on the wall...along with sweet messages the card-bearers had sent)

Despite inviting guests more than a month ago...and covertly corresponding with his friends scattered around the was, indeed, a complete surprise to the birthday boy.

(To purchase Haki's candle letters I bought a pack for KAtHerIne.../giggles)

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