Thursday, August 5, 2010

Mantras of the Motivated - Part 1

So when I posted Captcha Balderdash, with all its screen-grabs (or "snips," for you Vista/Windows 7-users), FaerySarah teased me about the prep such a post requires. The prep I'd proven myself happy to undertake.

Yes, I like to be organised.

Were you not here when I expounded upon Angela-diary etiquette? Acquaint yourself with my list-holder, by all means. Or perhaps you're unfamiliar with my self-titled "CNP tendencies"?

Well, this post is not about supplying further evidence. It's an answer to one of my FAQ; "How do you do it?"

First of all, let us dismiss the notion that what I am "doing" is accomplishing some feat. Many might argue the only reason to ask such a question is to determine how best to avoid my thought processes so as to lead a more carefree and relaxed existence. They may be wise.

And while my blog sure ain't no democracy, I do like to answer questions. Most questions. (The questions I'm thinking of that I don't like answering include, "How are you?" by someone who is walking past you, and clearly not stopping, and "Did you have intercourse last night?" by a nurse conducting tests at a fertility clinic. In front of your mother-in-law...who came for moral support because her son was unable to make it. Her son, the one with whom the nurse would like to know if you did it with. Last night.) Ahem. Back to questions I do like answering...

My dear friend, Kate, has been most persistent in asking that FAQ question. "No really, Ange, I mean, tell me exactly what goes on in your I can understand how you do that." To which I am gobsmacked. Kate doesn't file. Kate doesn't cackle over sorting through a cupboard of "MISC" items. And I think that's a good thing. So, like I say, I've never wished my ways on another soul...but I won't withhold the inside scoop if you're asking. The inside scoop is all we serve at this here parlour.


FAQ: How exactly do you [keep yourself organised]?
  • Use bullets. The list-kind...not the killer kind.
  • Adopt personal mantras that work.
  • One such mantra (probably my most-repeated, internally) is: "Am I doing this the most efficient way?"
  • My second most-used "line to self": "Yus! A two-fer!" I go for two-fers like you wouldn't believe. Examples: a) I have just used a wet wipe to get a small smidgen of gunk off of Esky's hand in the car...and use the other half of the wipe to dust above the steering wheel and below the dashboard before throwing it out - TWO-FER! b) I need to empty the dehumidifier water and clean the bath, I carry the container into the bathroom, scrub the bath end, and tip the collected water down over my cleaning work for a rinse - two-fer! c) I have emptied all of the product from the large bag it came in...instead of storing the back for re-use, I noted the bin was quite full - I will empty the bin and use this large bag to line it - two-fer!"
  • The next thing I strive to achieve is similar, and I think of it as "the economy of movement" - not to confused with laziness. "The economy of movement" is a specific type of two-fer, specifically, getting more than one thing accomplished for the distance you're travelling or the work you're doing. Examples: a) I sit on the edge of the bed to tie up my shoes, since my hands are at ground level, I pick up Haki's discarded socks on my way up for the laundry basket. Yes, it's a cliche. He toe-pulls them off every. night. in bed and they spill off the bed-end. If I'm in the neighbourhood, I do him the service. b) If I am going to another room to return an item, I look for anything else that needs to go (every time) and when I get to that room, I look for anything that needs to come back. This is taken to the extreme with the basement (outside access only), as I keep a list next to the door of things that need to come up "next time I'm going down." Putting clean towels into the hot water cupboard - see the wheatbags I'll shortly need to warm for bed - retrieve them before closing the door.
There's Part 1, revisit this parlour tomorrow for more.

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