Friday, August 6, 2010

Mantras of the Motivated - Part 2

The thoughts behind my actions...of motivation / organisation (continued).

Read Part 1 here.
  • Delight in the little things. A clean sink is a happy sink. (/weak smile...and then real smile, because I realise I believe it.)
  • Much like two-fers, (which I see as chore-related), life is often about dove-tailing (which I see as activity-related - one/both/all may not be a chore). I love when I can talk to my sister while I do the dishes. If Esky needs sung to, and I need to do my personal scripture study - why not sing her scripture? (Go ahead, think I'm goofy). As time has gone by, I have encouraged this particular dove-tail combo, in variation, by keeping my scriptures by Esky's bibs. I read while I feed her breakfast, because I'm certain one of those things will happen. It's the breakfast. For Esky.
  • View chores as exercise, and therefore, a two-fer!
  • Interrogate yourself when you're procrastinating; ask, "How long is that task really going to take?" Because often we put off tasks and then spend more mind-time feeling bad about it than the task takes to complete. I do this with taking out the compost. It takes less than 30 seconds. Just do it, and save yourself thinking, "I'll do that later" 13 times. What a waste of 13 thoughts for 30 seconds.
  • Another question to ask when procrastinating; "What is the benefit in waiting?" because usually, there's none. The task will take the same amount of time later (in most cases, and often longer). If I do the task now, I get to stop feeling bad about not doing the the options are a) take X amount of time to complete the task now and be done with it, or b) take the same X (or X +some) amount of time to do the task later PLUS feel bad about the task until then. This does not apply if you have a spouse / cohabitant who will complete the task if you do not. Shame on you...and them. (Okay, not really, but sort of.)
  • Reward yourself. "If I do this now, then later I can do this..." The rewards should not always be chocolate or watching DVDs. That is not helping anybody. But sometimes they should be. Especially after big tasks. Sometimes my reward is another task/activity that needs done, but is much more pleasant. I often plan my day with a balance of pleasant and unpleasant tasks, with the unpleasant up first, so I know "later I can..."
  • When I've reached head-spinning point (with mental lists and often literal dizziness due to overthinking), I ask myself, "What 'to do' is really stressing me the most right now?" and then I make it my priority to see that thing done, as soon as possible...because the rest of the list will seem so much more manageable after that.
So, ignore me and my ideas. Or catch one or more like a fever. It's been known to happen.

And please, share what motivates you! What gets you to get up and get doing? Or what keeps you organised, generally?

One last disclaimer: Again, I'm just sharing how my mind works; my "Personal Guidebook," to myself, as it were...not preaching. Do as you wish!
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