Monday, August 30, 2010

No Nanny

My days as a glorified babysitter have come to an end! But for the best of reasons; the trio's mother has done some serious rejiggering of her schedule, and will now be the one picking up those quirky kiddilicks after school - as well as continuing her full-time studies. Wowsers!

The past two terms have been colourful - what with war-wounds, hobo antics, poo talk, curious discoveries, unity under fire, and trail-blazing fashion. And then there's those "darndest things" kids say...

From the final week:

As we drove home to Mosgiel, Roo called out from the back, "Can we have the radio on?"

I replied as I usually did, "It's up to [whoever is riding shotgun]," as this had become an in-Thimba-rule. Today, that happened to be Puddleduck, and so I answered, "It's up to Puddleduck...she's in charge today." I don't know why I tacked on that qualification. Immediately considering the consequences of that phrase's literal interpretation, I quickly clarified, "Well, that is, of the stereo...obviously, not of the world, because that would be madness."

Puddleduck's eyes flew open wide, she sat up in her seat, and she gestured as she spoke, "Yes! If I was in charge of the world today I would put ferris wheels everywhere! There, there, and there!" she pointed as she spoke. "Plus, I would build a mansion for me, and one for all of my friends." She turned to face me, "You could have one. And I'd build Esky one too."

So generous.
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