Thursday, August 12, 2010

Oprah wrote me!

Insert copied and pasted email (received this morning):

Hello Dear Angela Noelle,This is OPRAH WINFREY'S,how are you doing? i know you are fine with your family, i know you would be so suprise and also happy that you had this previlage to be picked my me Oprah, to be one of the dorna to the Help the Orphans Project in west africa please write back with this following informaion about you only women.African Kids Deserve our Charity More do not delay as soon as you get this mail to reply back you will be blessed, i will notice you all in my september programme,be an embassador of Oprah One Goal

(1) Your Full Name.

(2) Phone Number.(office & Home)

(3) Address of Residence.

(4) How much you will like to give to surport in the project

Thanks For
Thinking About The Kids

Wow. Just wow. Oprah, with all she has on her plate, took the time to write to me, personally. And not from just any email account, from one of her alias accounts ( - because she wouldn't want me to feel cheap and "like everybody else" by using her actual email address. I mean, sure, there are a few indicators she may have dictated this message to a 6-year-old nephew, but that just means she is helping me get to know her family, right? She must really like me to let me in like that. And involving the little ones like that is just like her - thinking about the kids. She must want to come and visit too - asking for my address. I wonder if she'll bring her nephew?

Oh no, I just realised I typed that email address up there in full, instead of inserting it as an image or spelling out the "at" symbol. Now all of the bots will crawl this page and pick up that email address and add it to their spam lists. I'm so sorry, Oprah. I hope we can still be "dear" friends.

P.S. Has anyone else ever considered creating a bogus email account for the sole purpose of replying to spammers, supplying made-up details and promises to get their hopes up that they've found a super-sucker? Perhaps even requesting an in-person hand-over of a cheque, and sending your husband (international flight 'n' all) to the meet equipped with a bat. Oh, neither have I. /darting eyes

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