Wednesday, August 4, 2010

To the death

I have two male friends (spouses of super-friends, in fact, but friends in their own right too) who are renowned for their competitive natures.

This is heightened when they are together.

At times, I use this to my advantage. Say, I need someone's phone number, pronto...or the time an event is starting...I send a text message to both competitive gentlemen with the same query, informing them I have simultaneously done so, and that I'm interested to see who will supply the information first. In the brief seconds of wait-time that follow thereafter, I sometimes wonder if today is the day one of them will change; if today is the day one of these gents will say, "You know what, I'm not racing," or "I'll let him have it." But as the flurry of reply messages arrive (answers from each, and then "Did I beat him?"-texts immediately after), I am reminded such a change is chemically impossible. Except perhaps now, if either party/ies reads this post, then the new challenge may become proving me wrong.

On Sunday, I was able to sit and simply observe the two men and their banter as I sat in the chapel foyer (Esky asleep on my lap) and waited for Haki to finish in a meeting. Competition was taken to depths (/snicker) I would never have anticipated.

I think it all started when I comment that one of the chaps was looking very lean.

The pair then began sliding their hands down their guts (inhaling), comparing the significant weight both have lost living a raw food lifestyle.

C1: Have you heard that they are finding bodies don't decompose like they used to? That when they dig people up, they're preserved for much longer because of all the additives and preservatives in food now?
C2: Yeah! Not me, mate! Not me! Not the way I'm eatin'!
C1: Me neither. I'll be decomposed in a week!
C2: I'll be gone in a day!

I looked back and forth between the two. This was really happening. They were arguing over which of their corpses would rot faster.

I am interested to know:
  1. Who will be judging;
  2. Who will inform the competitors of the results; and
  3. What the prize will be.

Also, gotta love 'em.
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