Saturday, August 7, 2010

What is to be done about the Striking Keys background?

(for those who care...others can just ignore...I sort of get that you don't care...I just doooooooooooo)

I don't like this floral replacement background for that red, white and blue background I didn't like a week or so ago - that poll answer, "It's making me naush" - I picked it. I really wasn't going for "July 4th." But I'm not sure I want to return to plain white right now.

You're not limited to multi-choice options. Answer however you choose - describe what you'd prefer, what you think would work well for this place, what you would like to look at, suggest how often it should change, share an example you liked, whatever! (and if you agree with a response you already see displayed, you can type the same to make the response grow in size!)

What is to be done about the Striking Keys background?... at

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