Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Christchurch Quakes

I feel sick in my stomach watching the news right now. Heaped on top of that - a generous serving of guilt upon the realisation that things such as these (and worse) are happening all over the world, most of the time, but I'm paying this event much more heed because it's so close to home. So very close.

Thank you for the emails of concern, you sweet humans. For those outside New Zealand, here's A Super-Useful Map (I named it myself);

Christchurch is where the 7.1 earthquake hit...and where the aftershocks are still hitting, relentlessly. I have indicated where we live with the white symbol, further south. Most people in Dunedin that we know woke in the night. We slept through the entire thing. I feel a little gypped; like I missed the opportunity to be a first-hand witness to history. But otherwise, not gypped at all.

  • Whinging about the deterioration of my bulk-supply of stored flour seems tedious and meaningless right now (but for the record, it's definitely the flour causing problems - I cooked with new flour yesterday, and there's little room for doubt).
  • My brother (in Christchurch) hasn't been sleeping much since since Saturday morning. I cannot imagine how tightly wound I'd be if I were there.
  • I feel helpless.
  • Looting opportunists tick me off.
  • It was heartbreaking to see a woman (on the news) standing outside her condemned home, holding a young baby, told she couldn't even go back inside to collect her things - that is no nappies, no toys, no clothes, nothing. Oh, and there's no clean water or flushing toilets anywhere close by, by the way. Yikes.
  • For me, things like this are a reverence-inducing reminder that a) no matter how strong we think we may be, and no matter what impressive structures we may build, mankind really proves no match to this kind of power...and b) people are what really matter.
  • Who's laughing at the emergency-preparing, food storing, water-saving Mormons now? Huh? /wink. Well, maybe you're laughing at the the emergency-preparing, food storing, water-saving Mormons living off of rancid flour... /nudge
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