Friday, September 17, 2010

Esky Nimoy

A parent post. Take it or leave it. /wink

At 16 months...
  • Esky delights in donning necklaces.
  • She folds her arm and sits still, ready for prayer (morning and night, and before blessing the food)...sometimes before we've even cued her it's time to say one. We're still working on closing eyes (presently she can muster a short-lived squint). Bless.
  • Whenever we pull into our drive, and again into the shed above the house she says, "Home!" (pronounced "hulm"). Similarly, she recognised Haki's workplace and cries, "Papa!" enthusiastically upon sighting his building.
  • Other new words include: "hot" (in so many contexts), "bubble" ("bahbow"), "up," "eyes," "gone" (always whispered loudly), "dub dub" (for www.), "'elp," "ball," "pooooo," "'ight" for "light," "apple," "arm," "'eys" (for "keys) and "one" (with her pointer held high).
  • She also enjoys making her animal sounds (especially in accompaniment to her Dick Bruna animal book). My favourite Esky animal imitations are her elephant (trunk gesture included), cat ("moooooow"), owl, and crocodile (she's got a fierce snapping arm action for that one).
  • Pull-along toys = still ruling.
  • She was weaned at 15.5 months. We were both ready...
  • ...and that 15-month immunisation (we went a month late) was horrible.
  • She's cut all four of her canine teeth (after a 5-day fever and 10-day bug).
  • She still loves standing in nooks and corners (and does so, cautiously, when guests first arrive).
  • Esky is a superstar at putting appropriate things in the rubbish and laundry basket, and closing cupboards and doors as a "helper." She also scrunches newspaper with us when we prepare to light a fire. I just love it! LOVE! And her sign for "thank you" is much clearer now; helpful and polite. Usually. ("Pooooooo!")
  • Her fringe was annoying her (itching, and getting in her eyes)...(oh, and "bangs" for your Americans). I clipped it to the side. Then eventually, cut it. Haki came home. I was nervous. Upon seeing her, he observed, "Our baby looks like Spock." Ba-bow. I mostly regret doing it...but like seeing her worry less about her hair.
...and yes, I saved and "keepsaked" every strand...collectively, not individually...because that would be weird.
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