Tuesday, September 21, 2010

FAQs...and extras

Follow-up for folks interested:
(read the original post here)
  • I am 13 weeks pregnant...
  • ...meaning if Number 2 (pseudonym pending) arrives on schedule, there will be a 22-month gap between Esky and the babe. (Who would have thought? I was preparing myself for another potential 6 or 7-year long wait!);
  • We "find out." That means, (position permitting), we'll know if there's a mancub or little sister in there in 7 or so weeks.
  • For some reason I have found sharing this news much easier in a note, email, text, phone call or blog post than I have each time I've shared it face to face. Spilling the beans in person means everyone present will look at me - my stomach - my face - my stomach - and then squeal and dance. I'd forgotten...I prefer to be the squeal-and-dancer. Reading/having lovely correspondence via other means, however - easier to swallow, somehow. Love. your. comments. Bless you all.
  • One note recipient (someone I told in a post script of a thank-you) later approached me and said, "YAY! Congratulations! It's funny, because I was looking at you last week and wondering if you might be..." Me: "Great, I was showing at 12 weeks?! E-gads!" Note recipient: "It's only because you're so skinny your body can't hide anything." Hmmm...nice save...just.
  • It's hard...when I have a craving and Esky is eagerly looking on. I mean, for example, this happened:...and "this" is dunking Oreos for breakfast in bed. I promise, I'm not a terrible parent.
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