Friday, September 3, 2010

Five Routines at 5:00

  1. Before I retire at night, I fill the jug and switch it on. Then I go to bed. That boiled water will then be cool by morning, so I can pour it into a pitcher for that day's drinking water (we're on tank water).
  2. When I unpack the groceries, I remove all of the eggs that are in the egg basket and put them straight into a saucepan to boil. Once boiled, these are placed in a plastic tray in the fridge for Haki's lunch sandwiches. Then I place the fresh eggs from the carton into the egg basket. Anyone who has ever cracked open a bad egg will understand - you simply cannot risk a renegade egg hanging out in the basket, unused, for months...and months. Placing the older eggs on top is still no guarantee, I tell you. Eggs roll.
  3. Every time I shower, I turn the dial up a fraction every minute or so until I can go no hotter. It is glorious. Then the hot water runs out (small cylinder), and the fallout is less than.
  4. Every morning, Ninja waits outside the front door and meows. I greet him (Esky echoes) and then I pick up his water and food dish. The picking up of the dish is crucial - else the eager morning-cat head-butt will ensure the Friskies box sends cat food every. which. way - including into the water bowl...and then Ninja will not drink that water. No he won't. /shaking head. When Haki (on occasion) feeds Ninja, there is no picking up of the dish. Chaos prevails.
  5. Esky has a banana as part of her lunch every single day...and no matter how many lunches go by, she still claps and says, "Yeah!" every time I ask, "Do you want...a banana?!" Oh, how she demolishes them. /smiling at the thought.
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