Thursday, September 16, 2010

Mini Movie Reviews: Bulk Hit No 20

Despicable Me
For our date on Saturday last, Haki and I went and saw this in-theatre. A few nit-picky "I'm thinking about this as a parent/teacher" things aside, this flick is pretty splendid. Unlike some other animated films I've seen of late (/cough Monsters and Aliens), I was engrossed. There was some solid comedy, great voices, and a surprising moment I will discuss with you privately, if you see it, and ask me about it. I recommend it (perhaps with a parent-to-child discussion thereafter? What do you think, those who have seen it?).

Haki and I saw this at the cinema soon after its release. I've heard a fair number of people play it down since, "It's not that great," or "It wasn't as amazing as everyone said it would be." Well...uh, the fact that those comments are framed as defensive is an indication this film has caused a stir...and for good reason. I loved every minute of it. I love how deliciously sci-fi it is. I loved the incredible tension-wrought score (primarily those super slowed-down trumpets sounding off as slow, blaring trombones...oh boy, I can hear them now in my mind and my heart skips a beat). I loved the richness of its allusions (e.g. choosing the name Ariadne - could that be any better?!). I'm sure you can find flaws, and I'm certain it will disappoint those seeking a 100% intellectual film...however...if you're after a slice of the SF genre - this delivers.
Love Happens

Date Night
Haki and I laughed through this pretty heartily - we're fans of the dynamite pairing of these two, and of the movie concept. Unfortunately, one scene late in the film makes me hesitate in recommending it as it gets pretty raunch. You'll know when it's happening, and can skip it if you're conservative. Overall, I likeeeey.

Did anyone else find Flightplan bizzarrely-more fascinating than it was when rented when it aired on TV this week?

I can't say I recommend...
Up in the Air - even if the overall message is good, I can't see past the poor taste Such a shame, because I'm a fan of the Clooney.

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