Sunday, September 19, 2010

So you've been asking, "Will we have another?"

I know some of you have been following our fertility journey (or infertility, as the case proved to be). That is...marrying, "knowing" one other for years, eventually seeking advice, undergoing IVF treatment, losing three little ones we've never met, and eventually conceiving Esky naturally (delight!)...and glorying in every minute of her.

Some of you may even remember we've still got one little embryo on ice...and that I was planning to have that little would-be-human transferred (into my womBa.../snicker) after Esky was weaned. And I recently disclosed Esky (Nimoy) is weaned. So if you're really clever, you're thinking, "Aaaaw, yeah, so it must be baby makin' time!" And by "making," you wouldn't be talking dirty. You'd be talkin' science.

So, in sum:
  1. Interest in having more children = sky-high.
  2. Esky = weaned.
  3. August(ish) second conception = two-year gap between the offspring.
  4. Planned conception method = Drugs to get the uterus ripe and ready, thawing of embryo, hopeful survival of embryo, transfer by way of catheter.
Looks like we'll have to do (4) some other time.

Because I'm pregnant - by way of miracle - again.

(9 weeks ago)


P.S. I feel like I've just stepped off of a roller coaster after a 14 hour ride (physically, not emotionall). I feel this way 80% of the time. Isn't it wonderful!? (and that part isn't sarcastic! I mean it - it's really happening to me again. ME!)

  • I don't know why we are getting such a generous serving of miracles. And I know it's hard if you're still waiting for yours. Chin up (just a little) - they do happen! And if not now, I know things will not be left unresolved forever. He doesn't do that.
  • Now I can explain; Mary - this is why I just kept right on doing your laundry and didn't jump at the chance to clean your oven when you were moving; Mieke - this is why I turned out the sushi you drove 1.5 hours to bring to my kitchen table; Bev (the MIL) - this is why I made a salad when y'all ordered fish'n'chips; Bee and Rikster - this is why I was biting my lip when you told me you were expecting; and Mandy - your kids always seemed to want after-school snacks that turned my stomach.
  • One of the reasons I said I was "ready to wean" (when previously I'd been so not ready) was because after 2.5 months of nursing AND bun-cooking, I just couldn't go to bed at 6 or 7pm anymore...and Esky wasn't as into it. Power to those who power-on.
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