Friday, October 22, 2010

Butter me timbers

Dear Property Managers,

It's been quite a year here, at The Lighthouse, hasn't it? What, with the rotten deck, roof rats [nope, I didn't even mention either of those in a post, did I?], wild pig visits, leaky roof, the mushroom that grew from the ceiling, rowdy chickens, and the recent contaminated water scare [its taste and colour changed after all that happened on the roof - where our water is caught and fed to our tank supply].

But theeeeen, we're living in New Zealand (so for a start, who can really complain?), and more than that, in The Lighthouse - the house I want to raise little humans in. The house with the Coney Island Country Kitchen and that marvellous wood cupboard. The house on the half acre section, with the wetback logburner, large bedrooms, colourful decor, and storage space. The house I've done my best to make a home...nest, nest, nest. The house with all the sunshine, character, privacy and space our family could ask for. Even the curtains are magical at this place.

Although you didn't always respond as quickly as I'd hoped, you responded. And this week, when you sent someone to measure up for our new (compensatory) heatpump's [air con] installation, all of those bad things were almost forgotten. Because I love living here. And now here is going to be cosier, and very newborn-ready.

So to send these gift boxes today...well...let's just say our single-income family really, really appreciates it. Consider us buttered up.

The stay-at-home mama of the family occupying The Lighthouse
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