Saturday, October 23, 2010

Culinary inConsistency

One of these things is not like the others...(you can be forgiven for singing) One of these was not so tasty.

Which is it? A, B or C? Make your choice before you scroll down, otherwise you're just a cheater...and nobody likes a cheater. Well I guess Angelina Jolie does...and all of the protagonists of 21 really seem to...and then there's all those sporting and academic cheats that still seem to have made it big in this world. But still, you shouldn't.

A. I don't blame you if you went with A, given my history with Italian bread (/cough"panini"), I'd call that an "educated choice." Made with my sister's faithful pizza base recipe, this creation was topped with feta, black olives, sun-dried tomatoes, red onion, tomato pine nut purée, oregano, and garlic salt, with the crusts brushed with olive oil. It was devoured...and it was delicious. As was the second ham and brie pizza that followed.

B. This picture was clearly taken before the Dreamy Cinnamon Rolls indication something went awry in the oven, perhaps? Not so, B-folk, this time I got to slice these gems with dental floss, as per my sister's tip (received too late the first time I made them), and they were more glorious than ever before after cooking. (How to slice your rolls with dental floss: Cut a length of about 40cm of floss, and holding it near the ends with two hands, slide the floss underneath the roll and to the place you wish to make the cut; cross your hands across each other so that the floss meets at the top of the roll and your hands are up above on opposing sides holding the excess lengths; the floss will now indicate where your slice will be made; sharply pull your ends away from each other to create a guillotine (so that the loop you've formed in the floss is pulled tight and through the roll).

C. Which leads us to the not-so-tasty effort; Cilantro-infused Eggplant Salad. Ba-bow. If you picked C. you are correct; C. disappointed. I tried this recipe. Haki's feedback: "The coriander [cilantro] is all it's got going for it." I agreed completely. I found this recipe resulted in something far too sweet for my taste. Eggplant can be grand! You'll note I still went to the trouble of watermarking the image, because we can't have you off gallavanting around the interwebs claiming this epic blunder as your own. Aaaall mine. Every now and then, I make things like this to reassure Haki I haven't gone Stepford on him. You're welcome, honey.
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