Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Eight Loves at 8:00

The past two weeks' warm weather brought eight glorious things;
  1. Certain foods tasted better than ever, including Wild berry Juicies from our own freezer, Highlander Caramel's recipe banoffi mini-pies (made in ramekins and devoured after seeing this), and that blessed couscous salad is oh-so-good cold on a warm evening.
  2. Esky was easily entertained out-of-doors - whether "painting" the deck with water while I set to scraping off old paint, helping carry lawn clippings to form piles while Haki mowed elsewhere, clearing dead leaves from The Lighthouse path while I raked them into a pile, or the simple pleasure of taking a walk around our li'l half acre - Esky was happy, so long as she was "ut" [out]. I think she would have whistled if she could.
  3. Esky was easily pooped. All of that yard work led to impromptu naps...including sleeping through the aisle otherwise known as "Esky heaven."
  4. An end to the previous week of migraines, which came in an unpleasant cluster after that first one I told you about.
  5. The appearance of the hard-working honey bee, who, with many of her friends, regularly found her way into The Lighthouse kitchen through the ever-open door. I like seeing honey bees...they herald summer. I keep a bug cup and card handy for returning such guests to the land of nectar - do you? (Esky can distinguish between a "bee!" and "I!" [fly!"]. It warms my heart.)
  6. The Lighthouse lawns transformation into "Bird Haven" - mostly due to Haki's choice not to use the catcher when he mowed on Saturday, making our lawn the source of excellent nesting material.
  7. The call for donning jandals [flip flops]. /sigh
  8. A mummy-daughter date to the botanical gardens.
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