Monday, October 11, 2010

Esky's Word-book

I saved this shot of Liz Stanley's beautiful project in my "must do" folder more than a year ago.

It's a personalised Word-book for her son - filled with images of his things.

Loved it. Wanted to make one.

The only problem I could see, was that New Zealand doesn't seem to offer the same array of affordable printing options when it comes to photo books (e.g. Harvey Norman's 20-page offerings range in price from $19.99 to $59.99). I still wouldn't rule out having an image series printed this way - it'd make a classy gift - but what I sought was an alternative I could create now (on my current, frugal budget); one which would also encourage me to update the Word-book for Esky over time, and easily produce copies for subsequent children.

I settled on filling mini photo albums (purchased from op shops, with this in mind) as the solution.

  1. Take photos of a few of Esky's favourite things - forming words alongside with magnet letters;
  2. Print photos for 12cents each;
  3. Slide into a mini photo album, purchased for 50cents last year; and
  4. Give the finished product to Esky for testing.
Project cost: $4.50
Likelihood of repeating for an older Esky / subsequent child: High

P.S. Esky signed "more" immediately after I took that last shot - she has found an unforseen use for her Word-book.
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