Friday, October 1, 2010

Five "Rats!" at 5:00

That's five separate moments this week where I've let a cursing "Rats!" escape pouting lips...
  1. I had just finished scraping off some 15 new mounds of chicken poop from our path, sweeping dirt back into the flower bed below the lemon tree, replacing daffodil bulbs, and washing my hands, when I saw the motley crew of free range hens from the neighbours had returned. Rats. (In a moment of courage a day later, I caught the neighbour at home to have a chat about the hole in the hedge. And hey, don't get me wrong, I grew up with chickens - chickens are great - but then I got to eat their eggs.) (those two are the leaders, I tell you)
  2. I went to fill the sugar and milk powder containers in the basement from our food storage. Esky waits in the kitchen and I talk up through the floorboards to her. She always goes to meet me at the door when she hears the basement door close. On my way back up to the house, I dropped the milk powder. In its glass container. Esky watched keenly for how one should react to such an incident... ..."Rats," is how, and under one's breath...then take a picture (so it's a story at least). Also, smile while you sweep things up; there's no use crying over spilt milk powder (of course I typed that).
  3. This week I got a migraine - the first in over a year. Haki hastened home in time to spare Esky more of my word salad...and soon her mother's inability to function on a fairly basic level. I was really looking forward to a fun night with the fam' too. Rats. Dear baby inside my womBa, See the things I am already doing for you? You're welcome. Love, Mama.
  4. When I awoke from migraine-slumber I was hungry. I had a mug of Inka from a brand new tin of Inka purchased this week. I cannot foresee consuming the rest of the tin any time soon...given post-migraine's stomach's then disinterest in digesting, or even harbouring this fluid. Blah. Rats.
  5. Ninja hasn't come home. And so I say now, "super fat, disease-ridden rats."
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