Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Labour Weekend 2010

Labour Weekend 2010 was aptly filled with labour.

With the help of a friend with the tools, experience, and disposition of a mule, Haki laboured to the view from our deck from this: this:(this old gum tree was losing branches every big wind and had been earmarked for removal over a year ago)

I pruned our driveway's overgrowth (which in a few short weeks was attempting to swallow our vehicle whole on through-passage), raked debris, stacked a very modest portion of the fresh gum wood to dry out for next year, changed nappies and things...and of course baked for the working lads. Baked what? Dreamy Cinnamon Rolls. Or rather Dreamier Cinnamon Rolls - all this baking has helped me refine my skills with this recipe. This batch is more worthy of a photo. Of course I replaced the image accompanying the recipe.

The weather and the work were perfect grounds for a late-night cold liquid indulgence. We tried my sister's favourite treat - which meets this very criteria - an avocado shake. Neither Haki nor I had tried one before, and we were both impressed. It's definitely on the naughtier side...but so worth it. Surprisingly scrummy...and very distinctive, if you haven't sampled one of these puppies, you should!
Only imagine my photo of it looks like this one:I took the picture at night, okay? And it's really doesn't do this creation justice.

And yes, my post about labouring over the long weekend does feature more pictures of food that it does of labour.
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