Thursday, October 14, 2010

Point-and-click Flash Game Beauties

I used to use The Quest for the Rest as my attention activity for my first lesson on innovative advertising with my Media Studies class. It's an online flash game made up of three point-and-click problem-solving levels, with The Polyphonic Spree providing the soundtrack. I would project the game onto the whiteboard, and students would take turns at the mouse, and the class would make suggestions of how to navigate through this world. Once completed, I always loved asking the class, "So how was that an advertisement?" The inevitable resulting discussion was one of my favourites. I know The Polyphonic Spree's sound...only because I have visited and shared their free flash game so many times.

While I may no longer be in the classroom, I still think of it often. And I'm recommending it now. It's a great little puzzle, that once solved, can never suck you back in again. And the graphic design is quirky-yummy. If you're after 10-minutes-or-so diversion and enjoy visual puzzles, take a look.

And if you enjoy it, there's more where that came from. Amanita Design have created a few pretty flash games...but of all of these, my favourite is Samorost 2, hands down - I recommend skipping straight to that as your next port of call. I recommend playing somewhere you can have your speakers turned on, as the sound effects are part of what makes it so delightful.

Both of these are great for playing alongside a young one. My nephew got a real kick out of these at age 7 - I would sit alongside him and help him figure out how to advance the narrative - it's comparable to Where's Wally (Waldo) in that way...the co-op activity way. Amanita's even made an educational flash game for BBC called Questionaut - worth a look if you're taking the "Please, give my kids something less violent to play" angle.

And yes, now and then I do a post like this just to remind you I am a geek. Don't you forget it.

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