Thursday, October 28, 2010


Remember Ninja? The kitten I adopted when one of my student's caught me feeling all hormonal and "kitclucky?" The kitten I fostered to a friend while we renovated and moved four times. Ninja - the cat we welcomed home some months later, the bedtime Tetris participant, the cat that braved the local toms to earn his place in the pecking order. The cat that disappeared. The cat whose picture I plastered on "Have you seen this cat?" flyers posted in neighbouring letterboxes. More than a month ago. Lucius.

No, that is not just another photo of Ninja. Lucius is an entirely different cat. Our of Tuesday.
  • Lucius needed a home.
  • We needed a cat. (If you had told me, three years ago I would ever type or say that sentence I would have laughed. "Nobody needs a cat," I would have said. But now-me would say, "You know nothing." Now-me knows better. I dare you to get me going on the reasons.)
  • Lucius also doubles as a test for our neighbours. We'll see who reports a sighting when I let our doppleganger out in a week or so. We shall see.../drumming fingers together.
  • Lucius used to be called "George." This was problematic...given the fact that every reference to our replicat caused Esky to retrieve her knitted he-elephant and wave him around triumphantly.
  • I agonised over the re-naming, initially. I Googled the implications of renaming an adult cat. Thereafter I became satisfied Lucius will learn to respond to his new name / the catfood box shaking without too much difficulty.
  • All synonyms for twin, replacement, second and double were considered as George's new name. For an entire day George became "Houdini" (after he virtually disappeared), until I decided it wasn't a keeper.
  • He disappeared into the lining of the Lazy Boy. Into the lining, I say! If you were looking for a spooked cat, would you check inside your Lazy Boy? I did. I'm a good "looker."
  • Which brings me to the next point; Lucius is shy. We took Ninja's eager and adventurous personality for granted. He was ready to explore his new home after rejoining us after only a brief under-bed camp-out. Lucius appears to need more time.
  • Again, Google assures me this is normal.
  • Lucius and the Lazy Boy are in his "safe room." When I enter, sans Esky, and move slowly, he slinks out from within the reclining chair's bowels and rubs up a storm against me. When I depart, he returns to his spot...and listens...and waits.
Predictions of Lucius' sit-in duration are welcome. Jokes about Ninja now returning are not.

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