Saturday, October 9, 2010

Six for Four

Yesterday I picked up these six books for four bucks at the Mosgiel Sallies.

If you've not read The Great White Man-eating Shark (Margaret Mahy), I suggest you do, quick-smart - it's a favourite of mine...and for 50 cents I'm thrilled to add it to our family library (I've put a sticker on indicating such, don't you worry). In fact, I'm rather fond of each of these titles, bar the New Testament puzzle book - which I bought because of its condition more than anything else. I'm semi-regretting it already...since the magi are told to have visited the babe while in the stable manger in the second included story. Wrong. So now I'm unsure what is to become of this immaculately-presented, every-piece-present puzzle book. Maybe you don't mind this anachronism? Because I also have a "Colours" book with pink toilet paper I could bundle with it. /raising eyebrow repeatedly. Seriously, any takers? Perhaps you'd like to trade a duplicate you've got? Or a card? Finger puppet? Handful of wooden building blocks? A kid-friendly tabby cat with all his shots about this big? /hand hovering at Ninja-height above the ground.
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